Edmund Lowell and I had a multilayered discussion about all three of the entities in which he is involved.  FlagTheory.com, the SelfKey Foundation and KYC-Chain.  Edmund started a company while still a student at Northeastern University in Boston and that grew into FlagTheory.com.  Reading Tim Ferriss’ “The Four Hour Workweek” convinced him that he could run his company and live anywhere, so he chose Asia…

When I asked him where he lived, he jokingly responded with ‘Seat 1A’…clearly a man that spends a lot of time on airplanes.  We had an amazing and very lively conversation on the blockchain and many things Crypto (Heck, it was the first installment of the Asian Blockchain Podcast, so anything less would have been shocking!), including ICOs, Tezos, and the concept of Self Sovereign Identity.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 01 – Edmund Lowell – Founder & CEO of KYC-Chain, SelfKey Foundation & FlagTheory

by Edmund Lowell | Asian Blockchain Podcast