Greg Simon and I have known each other for almost 25 years…so I am biased.  Greg and I worked together at Morgan Stanley and he had an extremely successful career across the spectrum of Global Finance.

Deciding to take a break in 2012 and travel the world, Greg was determined to find the commonalities that all humans share.  He visited 40 countries in 12 months and along the way was introduced to, among many other things, BitCoin and the BlockChain.

The transformative qualities of this technology was easily apparent to him and he studied determinedly to learn as much as he could on the topic as quickly as he could.  (Greg is a fast learner!). Greg is well versed in the developing potential of blockchain technologies and directs his efforts in this respect to the massive global market for Loyalty, leading to the founding and building of Loyyal – The Internet of Loyalty.

Listen as Greg describes the massive opportunity in the over $100BN market and how the blockchain can be applied to make the market more efficient, interoperable and less complicated.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 02 – Greg Simon – CEO & Founder Loyyal

by Greg Simon | Asian Blockchain Podcast