Ian McKee was sitting at his desk…looking at his Nokia mobile phone and his Palm Pilot and thinking. Mobile phone networks were exploding in Singapore, 3G networks were rumored and Ian was sure that devices that merged the functionality that was innocently sitting on his desk would soon be introduced. He was also convinced that ‘word of mouth’ marketing was about to go digital and he quit his job to start an agency, called ‘Vocanic’ that would grow to become the largest, regional, full service social media marketing firm in Asia. In 2013, WPP acquired a majority holding in ‘Vocanic’. Ian clearly sees market gaps that others do not see.

Listen as he describes how he plans to use Ethereum’s technology to disrupt the $240BN global market in digital entertainment content acquisition.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 03 – Ian McKee – Founder and CEO Vuulr

by Ian McKee | Asian Blockchain Podcast