Mark Vange is brilliant.  I have met him in person…he is also very engaging and thoughtful.  He has been interested in technology from the first moment he laid his eyes on the Apple II computers that arrived at school the same day he did.

Born in the Soviet Union, Mark moved to Israel with his family as part of a program the Carter Administration had with the Soviet government. Russian Jews go to go to Israel in exchange for U.S. wheat that went to Russia…It was win-win at the time for both sides of the trade.

Mark has been a technology entrepreneur for as long as he can remember, building his first gaming company at 20 years old and also building highly sophisticated messaging protocols that were used by the U.S. Government after 9/11…Mark is now deeply involved in the crypto space, in particular building TokenIQ that embeds technology into Crypto Tokens to ensure regulatory compliance through the lifecycle of the token’s existence.