I started the conversation with Simon Dixon by discussing an experience he had in 2006, when he was first introduced to the concepts of Bitcoin. After a few years in the world of investment banking and brokerage, he set out to write a book on the future of money and banking. He was introduced to the concepts of Bitcoin through the writings of Jonathan James Harrison and was immediately convinced that this was the future of money and the store of value.

Simon’s knowledge of finance, economics and all things bitcoin come out in this conversation. We had a fascinating look at the ownership of your own money and, among other things how depositing your money in a bank cedes this ownership and allows banks to legally take ownership of its deposits and then do what they will with it. The implications of this are far reaching with one of the consequences being the boom and bust cycles we see in the global economy.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 08 – Simon Dixon – CEO & Co-Founder of BnkToTheFuture

by Simon Dixon | Asian Blockchain Podcast