Vladislav Solidkiy is one of the most influential Fintech investors and influencers in the world. Having said that, his path to Fintech investment dominance was not linear. Previously, he was Vice President of Marketing at Life Financial in Moscow, but he was fascinated by Fintech. He read and studied a lot, educating himself on the sector and became known locally and regionally for his expertise.

As his knowledge and reputation grew, he was continuously being asked to help others invest money into the Fintech sector. His initial foray into the investment scene was quite successful and inevitably spun out to be Life.SREDA, a Fintech only group of funds based in Singapore. Vladislav believes strongly that the best way to invest in Asia is to be based in Asia, stating that you must be on the ground to understand the issues and the pain points. We agree with him completely!

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 10 – Vladislav Solodkiy – Life.SREDA Venture Capital

by Vladislav Solodkiy | Asian Blockchain Podcast