If BlockChain and BitCoin technologies were created for only one thing (and they decidedly were NOT), it would be to democratize access to the financial system.

Depending on which statistics you believe, almost 2 Billion adults remain unbanked, with no access to the types of financial products that could help pull them out of a cycle of poverty and into the global financial system.

Sankalp Shangari and his team at LaLa World are trying to accomplish that, one migrant worker at a time. The son of migrants himself, his mother remains his guiding light and his inspiration to build on the BlockChain to serve the underbanked. The suite of products that he and his team at LaLaWorld.io are building and their associated partnerships are their bold attempt to do this.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 11 – Sankalp Shangari – Founder LALA World, Banking the Underbanked

by Sankalp Shangari | Asian Blockchain Podcast