Jesse Lund is IBM’s Global Head of Blockchain market development, digital currency strategy, solutions engineering, and client engagement for banking and financial services. He is passionate about advancing the commercialization of Distributed Ledger Technology to promote social good and transform the world.

I spoke to Jesse about how IBM is using its global reach, massive amount of PhDs and over a century of technology excellence to help mainstream the blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Our conversation started with Jesse’s more than 20 year experience in the traditional Banking and Financial sector and how his previous role as the Head of Wells Fargo’s Innovation Labs lead him to be a Blockchain believer and evangelist. We had a deep discussion about FinTech, Payments and Loyalty Programs and how the blockchain can enhance all of these sectors and more with its ability to add interoperability to fragmented verticals.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 14 – Jesse Lund – Blockchain & Digital Currencies at IBM

by Jesse Lund | Asian Blockchain Podcast