Jamie Skella has been building businesses on the internet for two decades and he likes to say that he is “biased toward possibility”.  Surely, that is a good bias to have…Jamie has deep experience in User Experience and User Interface design, but his background is much more nuanced than that. Let’s just say that his interests range from founding Australia’s first e-Sports bar in Melbourne to redesigning Democracy via MiVote and Horizon State.

Horizon State is leveraging blockchain technology to redesign the way that opinion is solicited, votes are cast, and decisions are made. Building atop of distributed ledger technology, Horizon State has created a digital ballot box which cannot be hacked, and is many multiples cheaper to run than traditional voting processes. Its technology underpins the world’s first public blockchain based voting system in wide use, developed for use by MiVote members.

Jamie and I talked about Democratization on multiple fronts, including  Finance, Politics, Representation and posed the fundamental question,  “ Does one believe that any one Party or Person has the right view on all policies that are relevant to you? ”

We touched on ICOs and the concepts of  Integrity, Trust and Consensus and how using blockchain technologies help further all of these concepts down to the individual level.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 15 – Jamie Skella – Co-Founder at Horizon State

by Jamie Skella | Asian Blockchain Podcast