Daniel Araya is a consultant and advisor with a special interest in technological innovation, public policy, and learning. He is a Sharing Cities Policy Fellow and a regular contributor to various media outlets including Futurism, The Brookings Institution, Singularity Hub, and Medium.

Daniel is currently the Vice President of Government Policy at CG Blockchain, where he is responsible for creating a framework for how to work with governments in regulatory compliance as it relates to cryptocurrencies in particular and FinTech in general.

Daniel and I had a very interesting conversation on why blockchain features like data management and immutability are very effective at leveraging compliance.  He pointed out that government regulation should create the infrastructure that allows crypto to have the proper constraints and support to allow it to evolve effectively.

He also noted that while countries like Estonia are interesting as test beds for regulatory innovation, the dynamics of global trade will require countries like China and the United States to ultimately be the leaders in crypto regulation.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 22 – Daniel Araya, PhD – CG Blockchain – Vice President of Government Policy

by Daniel Araya, PhD | Asian Blockchain Podcast