Cyrus Fazel is the CEO and Founder of SwissBorg, a new era wealth management platform, powered by the blockchain.

SwissBorg and its team of FinTech experts is building a crypto wealth management solution accessible to everyone.

Introduced to blockchain technology via an interest in cryptocurrency, Cyrus quickly realized that there was something deeper going on.

Further, when he and his team were introduced to Ethereum, they quickly understood that this technology had the potential to dominate the domain of FinTech. It was the ideal combination of their interest in finance and the Swiss sensibility around meritocracy and decentralization.

However, the big realization came when Cyrus wanted to send his father a birthday present in Tehran. It turned out that he best way (only way) to send his dad a bottle of wine was by ordering from a broker in Tehran and paying him with bitcoin.

This was a revelation…a traditional bank was not necessary to make the payment, he “just needed to trust the network.”

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 24 – Cyrus Fazel – Founder & CEO SwissBorg – You Just Need to Trust the Network

by Cyrus Fazel | Asian Blockchain Podcast