Julian Kwan is an experienced businessman, having built business across Asia since the end of the previous century. He has been involved in all aspects of the Real Estate business for almost two decades, including projects in China, Bali, Sri Lanka and other countries across the region. Julian knows this space extremely well.

Five years ago, Julian moved to Singapore to get deeply involved in the convergence of Real Estate, Finance and Technology. From his perspective, Singapore was the ideal place to accomplish this. Large pools of capital were available.

The regulatory environment was robust and forward thinking and the technology sector was at an inflection point as well. Adept at combining the old and the new, this culminated in the vision that is InvestaCrowd, RealFuel, and ICTX.

There are many challenges to solve in this space and Julian and his team set out to “dramatically change the investment landscape” for those that wanted to participate in the global, developed real estate markets.

With an ICO that is essentially beginning today, things are about to get even more interesting for the always innovative InvestaCrowd team.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 25 – Julian Kwan – InvestaCrowd – It’s Just a Better System

by Julian Kwan | Asian Blockchain Podcast