Dr. Chris Dark is a co-Founder and the Chief Commercial Officer of OST (Simple Token)a public blockchain platform for businesses with millions of users.  But…he is so much more than that.

An Oxford graduate with a Masters Degree and a PhD in Material Sciences, Chris understands the math and tech behind the tech.  He is an extremely knowledgeable and active participant in both the FinTech and Cryptocurrency ecosystems and also worked with the Skype founders at Atomico.

As an advisor and to Kenetic Capital and a Board Member of the OpenST Foundation, Chris has done a lot of work understanding the mechanics of the blockchain.  He could see the elegance in its mathematical implementation and wanted to get directly involved.

We talked about how the internet itself only began to expand rapidly when tools got built for the deployment of its services and protocols…without those tools, building the web into the vibrant ecosystem that it is today would have been impossible.

With that in mind, OST is building those tools for the blockchain based economy.  OST Kit, OST View and OST KYC are the core of a system meant to power the expansion and mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency and to seamlessly enable business tokenization.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 29 – Dr. Chris Dark – CCO OST – Disruptive Technologies Seem Crazy

by Dr. Chris Dark | Asian Blockchain Podcast