Athol Nourse is the Director of Global Business Development for  Athol worked in key senior management positions with financial institutions globally, focused on retail and institutional clients in online Forex and capital markets.  Originating from an equities background, Athol started his career as a stockbroker in London specializing in small cap stocks, private placements and IPOs.

Spectre is a broker-less financial trading platform.  Executions on the system are matched on a peer-to-peer basis or against a decentralized liquidity pool (DALP).  One of the key components of the platform is the elimination of broker fraud, which is endemic across the product spectrum in the retail brokerage business. 

To create the necessary liquidity pool for smooth executions, Spectre completed an ICO at the end of 2017, raising approximately $17mm.  Essentially, if there is no matching peer-to-peer trade, the decentralized liquidity pool takes the other side of the trade and is governed by Ethereum-based smart contracts, eliminating broker fraud and providing market-wide trade transparency.

The long-term goal is the employ the decentralized autonomous liquidity pool (DALP) for any wagering transaction where global liquidity is desired and fraud can be eliminated.

Interestingly, there are two tokens associated with Spectre.  One is the SXDT that pays dividends to token holders based on trading volumes and the other is SXUT, a utility token that provides in-platform benefits to holders, like increased trading sizes, more products and educational benefits as well.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 30 – Athol Nourse – Spectre – The Broker-Less Trading Platform

by Athol Nourse | Asian Blockchain Podcast