George Nast knows his stuff…

He spoke to me from his home town of Vancouver, Canada.  After graduation from college, he quickly moved to eastern Canada worked for the Central Bank, got his MBA and started working for McKinsey…which turned out to be the beginning of his journey around the world, starting in China.

Like most expats posted to Shanghai, George expected to be there for only a couple of years…and yet 18 years later he was still in Asia, thriving.  George left consulting where he had focused on Financial Services to join Standard Chartered where he could put his expertise in Capital Markets, Transaction Banking to good use.

Twenty years of corporate experience, a deep knowledge of the financial world and the rapid growth in the FinTech space prompted George to make the jump into the startup space. He had already done some angel investing and was confident that his experience gave him a lot to offer to small, growing companies.

We talked about InvestaCrowd and how real estate as an asset class is ripe for innovation.  It is larger than stocks and bonds combined and yet remains concentrated and illiquid.  InvestaCrowd brought the opportunity to a broader set of investors to deal on a platform with curated investments and made it easier to transact. pushes the boundaries further and attempts to solve the remaining problems associated with the underlying investment process.

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Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 31 – George Nast – Chief Strategist, RealFuel – An Optimal Area of Disruption

by George Nast | Asian Blockchain Podcast