Abeed Janmohamed had just returned from a trip to the Asia, having visited South Korea, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.  In the last year, he has bee in Asia a lot, having also traveled to Hong Kong and Shanghai among other Asian destinations.

Abeed began his career as an energy broker and trader in the City and was fortunate to be doing that at the time the trading was transitioning from floor based trading to system based trading.  This is significant, because he got to experience first hand the impact that technology can have when inserted into what had traditionally been a face-to-face, human business.  Abeed also spent some time at ESPN, after Cricinfo was acquired from the Wisden Group back in 2007.

All of this prepared him well for jumping into the digital advertising business, which he did with Radium One, helping them build out their pan-European business.  In a way, participating in the digitalization of the advertising business, just like he had done in the commodities trading space, meant that his life had come full circle.

Abeed and I discussed how the digital advertising business was broken and while the blockchain was not perfect, it was well suited to fix a lot of the issues around fraud and bad actors in the space.  He also believes there needs to be a scalable, digital protocol for digital advertising…and that is Papyrus.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 32 – Abeed Janmohamed – CEO, Papyrus – Programmatic Was Born Broken

by Abeed Janmohamed | Asian Blockchain Podcast