I spoke to Jens Harig and Markus Jostock, the Managing Directors and co-Founders of ARXUM.  ARXUM is a team of deeply experienced industrial engineers tackling problems in the manufacturing industry.  ARXUM employs an innovative,  blockchain-based network to interconnect manufacturers, suppliers and customers across the supply chain. The ARXUM Production Protocol enables trusted and immutable data to be transferred effortlessly between users and machines, facilitating customized manufacturing for the same price as mass production.

The ARXUM team is second to none.  It has spent almost all of its energy on operational progress, as one would expect from a team of engineers in Germany.  This is not merely an idea or an aspiration looking for an application.  ARXUM has created and deployed a real hardware product and the ARXUM Production Protocol is instantiated, out in the world being used in production facilities.  This is IoT on steroids.

To expand this business globally, ARXUM is currently in serious discussion with both very large customers and investors.  ARXUM is in the process of a hybrid capital raise, including an ICO and traditional equity piece.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 33 – Jens Harig and Markus Jostock – ARXUM – A Global Production Network, Driven by Blockchain

by Jens Harig and Markus Jostock | Asian Blockchain Podcast