I spent some time talking to Dean McClelland, the CEO and Founder of TontineTrust, while he was in Gibraltar.  Dean is an experienced executive with a long background in Tech IPOs, Financial Services and Real Estate.

Dean is passionate about the TontineTrust and its use of blockchain / distributed ledger technology to change the way annuity product are managed and distributed.  Tontines provide lifetime retirement income, are fully funded and substantially reduce costs for its members.

Dean tells a great origin story for this idea of building Tontine Trust.  During a visit with his mother in Ireland, she noted that most of her golf club friends were not confident about the rate at which they should be saving, nor how much money they could spend yearly once they actually retired.  As any good son would do, Dean started researching answers to these questions for his mom.

This lead him to tontines, a system for raising capital that pays an annual dividend to its members and when any particular member dies, the returns accrue to the remaining, living members.  You can read more about TontineTrust and Dean McClelland here.

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Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 34 – Dean McClelland – TontineTrust – It’s Like a Members Club

by Dean McClelland | Asian Blockchain Podcast