Hu Liang, a co-Founder and CEO of Omniex and I had a great conversation about technology, startups and building a business for large institutions.  We went back and talked about his experience of building at Currenx, an industry leader in the active trading FX space and a pioneer of the multi-bank electronic streaming platform that was acquired by State Street in 2007.

Hu helped build the Emerging Technologies Center at State Street, which he noted was the world’s largest bank that nobody has ever heard of.  One of its biggest initiatives was focused on the research and development of blockchain enabled business processes and infrastructure.  It was here that the beginnings of Omniex were solidified.

Hu and his Ominex co-Founders believe that the current state of the cryptocurrency markets mirror, in some ways,  the state of the FX markets when Currenx was being built, deeply fragmented and in need of consolidation.  They are also confident that whether as a currency or commodity, security, or utility token, there is little debate that we are witnessing the genesis of a new, diverse asset class.

The Omniex team is employing their decades of experience and accumulated knowledge to build the complete, front-to-back office solution to satisfy institutions’ needs today, and equip them for the unknown challenges of tomorrow.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 35 – Hu Liang – CEO, Omniex – Be at the Tip of the Spear

by Hu Liang | Asian Blockchain Podcast