Daveed Benjamin Room was born in San Francisco, raised in Berkeley and now lives in Oakland. Since receiving a B.S. and M.S. in Engineering from Stanford University, Room has had leadership roles in startups, nonprofits, and social enterprises in a variety of emergent fields.

Dave fashions himself a shift shaper, as all of his work is to create pathways for collective shifts in consciousness. As an inventor, his current focus is distributed ledger systems for social innovation, specifically the organization and curation of knowledge, collective decision making, and collective asset management.

Dave and I talked in depth about Bridgit, a next generation browser that pays contributors to build bridges between content so that content discovery no longer depends on a biased and gamed search apparatus. Bridgit is a crowd-sourced and crowd-curated Synaptic Web overlay rewards participants for the value they create.

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 36 – Dave Room – CEO, Bridgit – Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric

by Dave Room | Asian Blockchain Podcast