Joseph Bedminster is from Paris and, as the CEO of, runs a distributed business…including a development team in Estonia.  A software developer by training, Joseph was naturally interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain.  The more he learned about blockchain, the more he realized that it would be difficult to explain it and its significance to others without getting even more involved.

This is when was born.  Daneel is like an Artificially Intelligent assistant for all things crypto and blockchain.  The goal of Daneel is to provide access to information and answer questions about crypto in order to facilitate this technology’s mass adoption.

The scope of’s development is already impressive.  The backend A.I. is built and a robust API and an incorporation with IBM Watson gives it functionality that belies its age.  A front end chat bot is expected in September and by December a further integration with Watson will make it multi-lingual and hence more useful globally.

Pent up demand from potential partners like banks, investors, exchanges and venture capitalists should help fuel growth quickly.  And…this feels like it is just the beginning.

The Chain Accelerator – Episode 01 – Joseph Bedminster – CEO – AI for the Crypto Jungle

by Joseph Bedminster | The Chain Accelerator