Alexis Berolatti was on vacation when he was contacted by his friend Luc Jarry-Lacombe and given a persuasive invitation to join his new blockchain based project. Luc envisioned building a platform that employed blockchain technology to certify and authenticate university degrees.

As a 20 year veteran working in technology companies and having spent the previous 6 years of his career in the education space, Alex was intrigued by the idea and was convinced that the blockchain was the perfect mechanism for this project’s success.

In France and the rest of Europe, institutions are mandated by law to maintain diploma records for 50 years.  There is generally a dedicated staff at every university that is employed solely to provide this service and this means that it is an expensive, complicated and non-standardized process.

The problem this team is solving is real and impacts many aspects of one’s life.  Imagine having to wait weeks for a verified copy of your degree when a potential job application hangs in the balance.  BCDiploma solves this problem eloquently, addresses a large market in the education space and is also setting up to provide this service for any document that entails official certification.

The Chain Accelerator – Episode 02 – Alex Berolatti – COO BCDiploma – Too Complicated, Too Expensive, Too Fragmented

by Alex Berolatti | The Chain Accelerator