I spoke to Benjamin Athuil, a co-Founder of CareGame about blockchain, mobile gaming and how to achieve social good via a powerful mobile game platform.

CareGame is innovating in many ways and using the blockchain and its decentralization only where it is relevant and necessary.  Decentralizing of game hosting on the CareGame platform allows any member to be a node on the gaming system.  These nodes get rewarded for keeping the system robust.  The hosts’ latent processing power and storage allows streaming to occur more seamlessly, over 5G, to gamers’ mobile devices. 

Earned tokens would allow games on the CareGame platform to gain access to premium services and games.

Running a game platform on decentralized architecture allows for lower costs and also builds transparency in the system as well.  CareGame’s other big idea is to use the game platform, via the blockchain, to give proceeds from mobile game revenue to charitable organizations and NGOs.  The team is committed to helping environmental, education and other causes by helping gamers contribute in way the is frictionless, fun and transparent.

The team at CareGame is also focused on building a game platform that addresses a real pain point for gamers and has a viable and robust business model.  Embedded as well in their DNA is the desire to build a platform that creates lasting social good. 

They realized that gamers, first and foremost want to have fun, energizing games.  But once in the game, with no real change to the game experience, consumer behavior and retention becomes stronger when they know they are also contributing to social good.

The Chain Accelerator – Episode 03 – Benjamin Athuil – CareGame – The Main Pain Was Accessibility

by Benjamin Athuil | The Chain Accelerator