Michael Amar is the co-Founder and Board Member of the Chain Accelerator and a Board Member at Station F, the world’s largest startup campus.

His introduction to the internet economy came early on during the first boom in Europe and the United States.  After building an agency business around website creation, he started an online shopping business with an innovative twist.  Iterating on the idea of loyalty points, he wanted to give equity in his company for the redemption of those loyal points.  The resulting outcome was actually quite interesting.  Even more interesting, this was all a precursor to the blockchain revolution that was to come a decade and a half later…

But, there was more.

He had now experienced online commerce, advertising and loyalty, with a bit of legal haggling to go with it.  A bit of a baptism by fire.

A trip to Facebook and lunch in their cafeteria with a friend lead to another step closer to tokenization and the blockchain future with something that was called Facebook credits…a new virtual currency that they were developing.

Listen to this incredible journey all the way to the founding of the Chain Accelerator.  Pretty amazing stuff.

The Chain Accelerator - Episode 04 - Michael Amar - Board Member - It Was a Crazy Story

by Michael Amar - Chain Accelerator Board Member | Asian Blockchain Podcast