Philippe Honigman is both a partner at Tribute and an advisor at the Chain Accelerator.  A meeting with Chain Accelerator co-Founder Nicolas Cantu and a discussion about relevant token models for accelerators and there was a good reason to make Tribute part of Chain Accelerator and then share best token practices with its other companies.

We talked about how one of his previous companies had a loss of 90% of its revenue and yet he did not want to close it down.  He started thinking about open sourcing both the code and the organization and this led him to bitcoin which is inherently an open community.

Philippe’s introduction crypto was less on the economic side or currency side and more on the governance side.  He had previously been involved with a startup that was doing work around virtual communities and after learning more about blockchain technology, was interested in applying the tech to the online community space.

Backfeed was a project was mean to give proportional benefits to those in the community.  He worked with this team for a year and learned a lot about how to used decentralized governance to grow communities and govern the use of resources for the good of those communities.

We spent a decent amount of time talking about how productive work was getting done outside the boundaries of traditional organizations, facilitated by online networks.  This trend is accelerating and some believe that Fortune 500 companies will only have 50% of their work being done by full time employees.

This all leads to a fascinating conversation about Tribute and its main tenets.

We referenced the following articles in our discussion:

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by Philippe Honigman | Asian Blockchain Podcast