I had the pleasure of catching up with Jason Goldberg, the Founder and CEO at OST, after a two year (Yes…two years!) gap since our last podcast.  For both of us it seemed like that conversation was still fresh in our minds.  We referenced it more than once, for sure.  One of the main things we remembered from our last conversation was that we both thought we were in the middle of an ICO bubble.  At that time, OST was in the midst of its own very successful ICO about which Jason subsequently wrote an insightful piece on Medium.

All great entrepreneurs take the long view…building something sustainable takes time.  We also noted that while two years may feel like a long time, in the context of building something real, it is really just a blink of an eye.  Company building creates an intense ‘issue density’.  A bunch of different things on different planes need to get handled simultaneously, creating an intensity that most would not understand.

About a third of the way through our discussion, Jason started asking ME questions, which I frankly thought was kind of cool.  See…we both believe that we are still in the early stages of this blockchain and cryptocurrency cycle.  One of the most exciting things that is going to happen in this space is what crypto is going to do to micro-transactions.  Since the moment I spoke to Jason two years ago, I was convinced that Podcasting would be an ideal place to implement OST’s solutions.

Jason and the OST team have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about how to solve problems and have spent countless hours literally talking to potential users to understand their roadblocks and issues.  As Jason noted, as product managers, we consider ourselves anthropologists. We study human behavior and identify gaps and needs.  The solution can not be about crypto.  It has to be something that solves a problem for the user.  If crypto enables that, then great.  It is not necessarily the case that people want to pay people in crypto…they want to be able to do things that require micro-transactions that crypto makes possible.

So, who is OST’s ideal partner?  The ideal partner is someone that is stuck…that needs the ability to do micro-transactions but it stuck…OST comes in and provides the solution for it.  OST also looks for people that are doing hacks to solve their problems…and provide solutions for them.

Asian Blockchain Podcast - Episode 44 - Jason Goldberg - Founder & CEO OST - I Like To Be a Visionary that Lives in Reality

by Jason Goldberg | Asian Blockchain Podcast